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How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair or Bed?

Published: 13th Dec, 2022

Getting a massage can be a highly enjoyable experience, whether you’re looking to relieve muscle tension or ease mental stress, but is it possible to overdo it? Or is more always better?

Explore the many benefits of using a massage chair or bed, what experts say about how often you should use these devices, and how you can determine the right frequency and duration for your specific needs.

Health Benefits of Getting a Massage

Why get a massage in the first place? Besides feeling good, there are a number of health benefits associated with massage therapy, from stress relief to enhanced blood circulation. The added perk of using a massage chair or bed at home is accessibility. If you own the massage device, you can experience the following benefits without having to schedule a spa appointment:

  • Reduced muscle tension and pain relief: Studies show that massage therapy is superior to nonactive therapies in reducing pain and significantly improving physical function.
  • Improved circulation: There has been plenty of research into the health benefits of massage for improved circulation after exercise. But this study out of the University of Chicago shows that massage improves vascular function even in people who have not exercised, suggesting that massage has benefits for people regardless of their level of physical activity.
  • Less stress: Massage doesn’t just relieve stress held in the body; it can also relieve mental stress. Research shows that massage provides an immediate decrease in the stress hormone cortisol and resting heart rate, providing an effective enjoyable tool for managing stress and anxiety.
  • Better sleep: Getting a massage can also help you sleep better, especially if pain or stress are interfering with your sleep. Results from self-report questionnaires have shown improvements in sleep patterns as well as the quality of life following massage therapy.
  • More energy and vitality: Freeing up muscle tension and getting better sleep helps to promote energy and vitality. Some research shows that massage helps to “unblock” trapped energy to invigorate the mind and body.
  • Enhanced immunity: There is evidence that massage can also help boost immunity by stimulating the production of white blood cells.

How Often Should I Use a Massage Chair or Bed?

It can be tempting to spend all day long on your massage chair or bed, but following a regimented massage routine can actually be more beneficial. The frequency and duration of your massage will depend upon your specific needs.

According to a study on the effects of massage on neck pain, researchers found that a schedule of 60-minute massages two to three times a week showed more benefit than getting a 60-minute massage once a week or a few 30-minute massages weekly. Yet, recommendations for massage chairs have been lower. This study on the benefits of chair massage showed that a session of just 15 minutes resulted in reduced pain and stress in nursing professionals.

However, it’s important to note that most early studies on massage chairs based their recommendations on older models that delivered the same standard massage to every user. If you have an advanced massage chair that offers customized massages and different modes, you can choose what you want your massage focus to be. Or if the massage is sophisticated enough, it will scan your body to figure out exactly what your body needs.

Is it Possible to Overuse a Massage Chair or Bed?

Early recommendations for massage chairs limited usage to 15-20 minutes three to four times a week. Overuse was associated with bruising, muscle damage, and increased inflammation. In some cases, retailers warned users of damaging their massage chairs with overuse. But massage chairs and beds have greatly improved since early models, significantly lowering the risk of injury.

However, using your massage chair or bed for long periods of time several times a day will not provide any added benefits to your body. In fact, you run the risk of overstimulating your muscles, which can fatigue them. Users who are pregnant or have certain health conditions, like osteoporosis, should also check in with their doctor to ensure that using a massage device is safe for them.

When it comes to massage chairs and beds, it’s good to remember that like any good thing, moderation is key, and setting up a daily routine can help you remain consistent.

How Often Should I Use the CERAGEM Massage Chair or Bed?

For best results, it’s recommended to use your Ceragem product twice a day: schedule one 40-minute session in the morning and another 40-minute session at the end of the day or after work. Depending on your chair or bed, you will have the extra benefit of scanning technology and up to 22 massage modes to deliver a customized massage suited to your specific needs. From the CERAGEM D. Core massage chair to the CERAGEM V6 thermal bed, these advanced products offer full-body treatments for relaxation, pain relief, and increased energy. Another bonus of using the CERAGEM V6 is that it has been cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device for more peace of mind in serving your therapeutic needs. Whether you’re looking for pain relief or stress relief, can you think of a better way to start and end your day than an at-home massage?

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Erica Garza is an author and essayist specializing in health and wellness. She has written for TIME, Health, Glamour, Parents, Women’s Health, VICE, and the Telegraph.

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