CERAGEM for Businesses

Improve Employee Welfare and Work Productivity Through Ceragem. Perfect for Businesses and Offices that Require Home Health Technology.

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Business Uses for CERAGEM

  • Enterprise

    Organize employee welfare rest areas and spaces. Perfect for C-suites and executive offices, business alliances and MOUs, promote new businesses related to health care.

  • Business Facilities

    Staff rest areas for various shifts, mental health areas, composition of all spaces that require relaxation and fatigue relief for various staff members to clients.

  • Recreational Business

    Cultural facilities (golf courses, cinemas, casinos, amusement parks, spas, etc.), sports facilities, rest areas, cafes, and all spaces where a customer can enjoy recreational culture and relaxation.

  • Education

    Resting spaces in schools and educational institutes (library, infirmary, sports facilities, employee lounge, etc.) All spaces for students and employees who need relaxing health care support

  • Residence/ Accommodation

    Perfect for all spaces that require high-quality services for relaxation, such as premium apartment complexes, sauna, lounge, lobby, and common facilities.

  • Medical treatment

    Physical therapy room, health care room, medical center, spine center, nursing home, silver town, etc. All spaces for recovery and health for those that require it the most.

  • Gift

    Perfect for presents to employees and corporate clients who would love Ceragem’s premium products. Popular as employee gifts (holidays, long service, retirement age, etc.), employee rewards, client gifts.

CERAGEM Will Contribute To Employee Physical and Mental Health Management And Work Productivity Improvement.

The Ceragem B2B Business Team Provides Customized Services
Optimized For Corporate, Government Offices, And Group Customers.
We Promise To Impress Our Employees With Innovative Products And Services.

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