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Therapeutic Thermal Massager @Home


The FDA cleared Class II medical device which helps provide temporary relief of muscle & joint pain, blood circulation, and relaxation of muscles.

CERAGEM V6 Core features

  • New Intensive Close-Up Massage Along the Spine (Acupressure Massage)
  • PatentedCustomized Massage Tailored to User’s Spinal Length and Curvature
  • NewPromote Blood
    Circulation by Air Cell Massagers
  • upgrade22 Massage Modes
    Developed by Well-Life Medical Research Center
  • New | PAtentedAdjustable 3 Massage
    Speed Settings
    Fast, Normal, and Slow
  • New | PAtentedAuto-Start
    Upon Lying Down
  • NewEasy Sliding Feature for Easier Folding and Unfolding

April Promotion


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* Available in the Continental United States (excludes Hawaii and Alaska)

Before You Purchase the CERAGEM V6,
Experience the Health Benefits of the V6 With Your Own Body!

Comprehensive Spinal Care Management

The V6 provides an all-in-one method to soothe and care for your back and spine. Replacing other devices and the need to visit back specialists.

FDA Cleared Medical Claims

  • Temporary Relief of minor muscles & joint pain stiffness
  • Temporary Relief of minor joint pain
  • Temporary Increase in local circulation where applies
  • Relaxation of muscles

Daily Physical & Mental Care

  • To relax & restore
  • To relieve stress
  • To relieve muscle tension
  • To regain energy & vitality
Discover the NEW V6

Intensive Thermal and Concentrated Massage Therapy Helps

Relieve Muscle Pain

  • # POINT 01
    Specialized heated massage rollers provide

    Intensive Massage to Spinal Line Including Cervical Vertebrae (Acupressure Massage)

    Specialized heated massage rollers where the 1st row move in a flexible motion, as they are designed separately, provide a concentrated and seamless massage at acupressure points by automatically adjusting its vertical location.

  • # POINT 02
    Tailored to user’s unique spinal length and curvature

    Customized Massage for Each User’s Body Line

    Heated massage rollers scan and analyze user’s spinal length and curvature to provide a customized massage for all kinds of body shapes from children to adults.

    • Group 12
      Measure Spinal Length
    • Group 12
      Measure Spinal Curvature
    • Group 12
      Analyze Body Weight

    Customized massage available for various body types

    Rectangle 32
    Our Child 4 ft Tall
    Folder 2
    Our Mother 5.5 ft Tall
    Folder 3
    Our Father 6 ft Tall
  • # POINT 03
    Loosen a stiff spine with

    Intensive Thermal Therapy at 149°F

    Gives an intensive thermal therapy up to 149°F at the programmed acupressure points of the spine.

    *User shall select the most suitable temperature for oneself
Folder 4
CERAGEM V6 is designed to offer a full-body thermal therapy to both upper and lower body
The Heating feature has been fully equipped
*Heating section : main mat and supporting mat

Equipped with Air Cell Massagers

To promote blood circulation to your legs

What is an Air Cell Massager?

It is a medical device that provides a repetitive pneumatic inflation and deflation to help boost blood circulation.

Image 223
Airbag Technology Provides an Intensive Massage
Specialized 4 Air Cell sections and 3 massage modes equipped
Image 223
Boost Blood Circulation
Repetitive and powerful pneumatic inflation and deflation help blood circulation
Image 223
Sleek-looking Neat Design
Sleek-looking Neat Design

User Customized Massage

Developed by Ceragem Well-Life Medical Research Center

22 Massage Modes
You can choose from 17 pre-programmed auto modes including the newly added Acupressure Mode, Golf Mode and others. Plus 5 custom modes to suit your body condition.
Image 223
Image 223
Select the desired spinal area on your own
Master Mode

User can get an intensive massage at the desired spinal area by selecting a specific spinal number (Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar).

Location Display Screen (24 sections)
Neck (Cervical) C1 ~ C7
Back (Thoracic) T1 ~ T12
Lower Back (Lumbar) L1 ~ L5
Intensity level is adjustable by the user

9-Level Intensity Settings

Heated massage rollers allow user to select from 9 different levels of intensity

Group 49561
To enhance the feeling of thermal & decompression

3 Adjustable Speed Levels

Adjust the massage speed by selecting from slow, normal, and fast mode.

Group 49561
Convenient and detailed

Upgraded Features for Convenience

Group 49561
Begins a massage upon lying down on the massager
Auto-Start Technology
  • Recognizes weight when lying down
    Automatic Start
  • If you get up from the massager
    Automatic Pause
  • If user not detected
    Automatic Turn-off
Convenient folding & unfolding
Easy Sliding

When folding or unfolding the submat, the floor detecting sensor and the actuator technology equipped sub rollers automatically drop down to the floor.

Group 49561
To help you focus solely on the massage

Additional Features

Vibrates and heats up to 140°F

Heated Massager

Thermal and vibrating feature of the heated massager could be used for various areas of your body including the abdominal area by selecting from 3 different intensity settings.

Minimized noise issues

Low Noise/ Anti-Vibration

It is a gentle decompressive massage to the spine, not a tapping massage, which minimizes the noise and vibration during use.

Relaxation & Inner Peace

Ceragem Sound

20 different Ceragem Sound Settings for the ultimate relaxation and inner peace.

Product Details

136.68 LB (±6.61 LB)
Product Size
Folded W28.7″ X D47.7″ X H17.0″ (±0.4″)
Unfolded W28.7″ X D80.5″ X H17.0″ (±0.4″)
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