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Check the proper connection of the power cable, power switch, and remote.

Complete the form to contact us regarding your concern: Support >> Contact Us.

If the auxiliary mat is not fully unfolded, only the heated sofa mode is activated. If the same symptom occurs after unfolding the auxiliary mat all the way, please contact us for A/S.

Press the temperature button on the remote control to select an item, and then use the up/down buttons to change the temperature.

Check if the abdominal vibrating device and the 3-prong device are properly connected. Check whether the abdominal vibrating device is played on the remote.

If the same diagnostic code is displayed even after turning the power switch off and on again after 5 seconds, be sure to write down the error code and contact customer service.

 It takes time for the product to recognize the USB, so please wait after confirming that it is connected correctly.

There may be some operating noises when the product is running. Rest assured that the “click” sound from the head is the safety switch operation sound.

It is possible to move the inner ceramic using the up and down buttons only in concentrated/semi-auto/manual mode.

Please check the condition of the auxiliary mat. If the auxiliary mat is not fully opened, some buttons on the remote control do not work.

Size and weight as below:

  • Product weight (including box weight): 141 LB
  • Product size
  • When unfolded: 27.5in X 80in X 80in (±0.40in)
  • When folded: 27.5in X 50in X 18in (±0.40in)

 If the spinal massage bed is not fully unfolded, it is recognized as sofa mode or warm-up mode. Fold the sub mat again and unfold the bed completely until you hear a sound.

As the packaging is carried out immediately after production, when the packaging is removed after installation, there may be a smell during the process. It gets better if you give it enough ventilation for 2-3 days.

First, check that the power cord is properly plugged in. If the power switch does not turn on, please refer to the product manual included when purchasing the product.

When installing the product, a plastic cover is attached to the LCD of the new remote control to protect the LCD. Please check after removing the plastic cover.

You can purchase it by contacting the customer center.

The lifespan of the artificial leather seat is about 2 years, and it may vary depending on the number of times it is used or the condition of storage. It is recommended to wipe with a dry cloth using a leather cleaner rather than a wet cloth.

 If you feel pain even after using one level of intensity, it will be better if you use a blanket on your back.

V3 is designed to be low-noise and vibration-free, so you can use it comfortably at any time without worrying about noise between floors.

The massage intensity of the V3 can be adjusted from 1 to 6 levels. You can use the remote control to set the intensity suitable for the user.

 Based on the V3 product, the maximum temperature for the heating function is 140 degrees, and the recommended temperature is 113 to 131 degrees. Different people have different feelings about temperature, so you can set the temperature that suits you and use it warmly. However, you need to be careful about low-temperature burns, so please be careful not to expose a specific area to a hot temperature for a long time.

When installing, please refer to the size when unfolded.

  • When unfolded: width 700mm X length 2,040mm X height 450mm (±5mm)
  • Folded: width 700mm X length 1,280mm X height 450mm (±5mm)

Sofa leather stretches under heavy loads, but contracts when not sitting. Wrinkles that occur when the leather is stretched are characteristic of natural leather, and after the leather has been stretched to a certain extent, it will no longer be stretched.

The pattern, thickness, wrinkle, and color of cowhide are slightly different depending on the back and belly parts. The backskin is thick and patterned, while the belly skins are thin and soft on the back, with large and irregular patterns. This is a characteristic of natural cowhide that is not found in synthetic leather, so please use it with confidence.

In the case of the anti-fouling outer cloth for powder M2 only, it is possible to wash normally (100% polyester material) and purchase additionally. The outer fabric has a total of 9 colors and can be purchased at the official mall and directly managed stores.

In the case of a massage chair, the heating function can be used at 4 points in the waist and hip area, and the temperature can be adjusted in 3 steps (113°, 104°, 95°). Abdominal vibrating ceramics are also adjustable in temperature (140°, 122°, 104°) up to 3 levels.