GeoVoyager - geography game

How well do you know our world? Find out about the unexplored places, verify your knowledge and share results with friends - all this with the help of games GeoVoyager. Now geography will not be so boring!

We suggest you to visit seven locations: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Russia and Australia. And check yourself for knowledge of Flags, Countries, Capitals, Cities and Sights. Want to complicate the task? Choose the location "All World" and try to complete all levels in the Mixed game.

Each new game consists of 7 levels of 3-5 questions each. For each question, you are given only 10 seconds. The nearer will be your answer to the correct, the more scores you get.

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Free version
Amount games 42
Amount questions More than 1500
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Achievements fully present
Advertisement fully absent
Supported languages English, Russian

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